Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why do my paintings always begin looking like vommit?

As most of my paintings begin, they are messy, unorganized bursts of energy, sometimes (as my dear friends have pointed out) resembling something like technicolor vomit. My current piece in progress has taken a similar turn. Sunday I painted what looked like a series of line drawings in paint. The result was chaotic and very linear. In the moment, I was at peace. Today, I began to loathe my creation and layered a coat of white gesso over the dried noodles of primary colored paint, creating a textured backdrop. The next step is to place boldly colored convex and concave shapes over the piece, hopefully bring it farther away from the appearance from regurgitated food. Despite the horrible image you may have in your mind right now, the end result will be beautiful, energetic and fun.

Below is photo of my work done today.

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