Sunday, February 28, 2010

This is soo cute!

Ok, I know this really has NOTHING to do with design, but I have to post. How cute are these photos? My Dad sent them to my Mom and I yesterday. Apparently, there is a deer that comes every day to visit a cat in someones back yard. How adorable!

LED mini munni's:someone stole my idea!

A few months ago, the Clorox Creative group held a competition. Each participant was given a new mini munny, (a vinyl doll created by kidrobot) to decorate in a brand related theme or non brand related theme. The competition was amazing, and the winning creation did incorporate some led lights... If I can find a photo I will post it. Of note there was a mad scientist munny, a mummy munny, and a Jeff Koons munny. My mummy basically looked like a lucky troll.

Recently, I was on my favorite blog and saw another set of LED munnys, my original idea! If I had time I would have done the following. Major props to the artist, I absolutely love anything involving lights.