Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lomography: it was cool before every single hipster started doing it

Initially, the Marc Jacobs ads set off my love for this style of photography with the saturated colors and unique subject matter.

The style of photography has permeated society so heavily now by this point, even more hipsters are taking photos of themselves in 'unique' outfits and posting it on the lookbook. The funny thing is however, their 'unique' outfits and 'unique' style of photography no longer is unique. To illustrate my point further, now i phones can be equipped with the 'hipstamatic' iphone app, allowing the user to take an analog looking photo. Every time I go on facebook, a flood of them clog up the home page. Worst of all, the individuals that take these photos don't even know what lomography is!

Rants and raves aside, the actual film cameras are in fact fun. I own two lomography cameras, a holga and one with four lenses. Below are few of my favorites.

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