Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wanderlust: A&D senior thesis. Checking up on my alma matter.

Exactly a year ago, I was preparing the finishing touches on my senior thesis, Adventitious Synesthesia. All of the students work incredibly hard for exactly a year on highly conceptual piece while simultaneously trying to find employment and determine what to do with their life post art school. In short, it is a stressful year. Today, soon to be graduated A&D students are doing the same. I was visiting the A & D site today, browsing through some of the students websites and checking up on my alma matter. Below are few highlights. The rest can be found after the jump.

Katie Brooks: "This jewelry series contains materials that show the interaction between the wearer and the jewelry over time and through movement."

Katie Horn: "26.2 miles. Training for the Detroit Marathon from the inside out." This artist developed an visual mind map and provides insight to what is running through a runners mind while preparing for a marathon. Check out her site, it is well concepted and beautifully executed.

Courtney Michalik
: "Everything must go somewhere, is a multi-media installation that incorporates plastic sculpture and digital underwater images." Her ghostly images of plastic objects photographed underwater are not only beautiful, but pack a powerful message about the environmental effects of plastics in our trash. And what a better time (Earth day is right around the corner!) for this show to be exhibited. I know that recycling isn't the answer to all of our problems, but you can get cool stuff for recycling! Visit the recycle bank to earn rewards.

Chealsea Neman: She had no description, but her paintings are reminiscent of Klien and echo certain characteristics I am trying to depict in my paintings.

Well done Michigan, well done A & D.

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