Sunday, September 12, 2010

The medium wars: Photography vs. painting

As I mentioned before, Christmas in Aspen was a copy of a photograph. For a period of time I was fascinated by making images that looked like a Rothko, Pollock or other abstract pieces. Photography and painting have for so long been considered vastly different mediums; it is wonderful to see the two intertwine. One of the arguments made against abstract art is that it does not look nearly as challenging to make as a landscape. I would argue that a landscape image is easier because the artists knows exactly what they are going to make. There is a distinct finish and an end. An abstract piece has no definitive ending. By taking long exposure images of lights, I can create an image to work from in turn easing the creation of abstract paintings.

Two artists, a photographer and a painter, whose work have influenced each other are Steve Coron and Karie Wagner. Karie and Steve have developed their artistic skills and visual taste together. The result is a symbiosis: Steve take landscape photos that Karie paints from, and Steves images end up achieving a painterly look and feel. The first two images below are Steves, the third is Karie's.

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