Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Organic Mondrian stoneware

Today concluded the third class of "Hand built ceramics for the home" at California College of the Arts in Oakland California. The syllabus is extensive and places emphasis on production, production, production. Thus far we have crafted wall tiles, platters and vessels (some even holding water). My fear was that this class was going to place me in the category of 'crazy cat lady, house adorned with crappy hand built ceramics', but, if done properly, ceramic work can be executed with a fine sense of design. Also, my cat lives in Michigan and I live in San Francisco. Technically, I am not a crazy cat lady - let's just be clear.

My blog inactivity (See exhibit A, blog archive) these past few months clearly are evidence that I have been too busy to make and share any creative projects. But not for long!

Check out my first recognizable piece from my ceramics class, a set of four 9"x9" plates, adorned with a Mondrian-esque underglaze. The next steps are to glaze further and fire. Inspiration also seen below.

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