Friday, November 5, 2010

Oil? Acrylic? Abstract? Realistic?

One fish! Two fish! Red fish! Blue fish!

I am constantly influenced by the world around me and have a tendency to imitate other artists work or style. Most of the work I love is abstract, and as a result, my work ends up abstract. At some point, I was almost unsure if I knew how to represent the real world anymore! After flipping through a photo journal, I found a series of beautiful painterly images of dilapidated buildings and rooms and decided I needed to try something new. A painting is abstract in its own right: what you are looking at certainly is not two chairs in disrepair but rather an image (digital files) of an image (painting) of an image (photo) of two chairs. Who knows what they really look like?

After painting, someone pointed out how they looked similar to an oil painting, even though I am working in arcylic. Unfortunately, these images do not give the texture justice, but I used a specific textured paint that crackles after a few hours to give texture to the wall and to provide body to the yellowing chair stuffing. The result mimics the broken visual texture seen in the original image. 

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