Sunday, June 6, 2010

Algorithms, google weather, paint and canvas. Science and art! They do co-exist.

Since the beginning of my artistic journey, I have been a firm believer that art and science should not be separate schools of thought, that one inspires another. Davinci was one of the first, and one of the greatest examples of this. Artists and scientists are more alike than we think... its nice to see an artist really exemplify this relationship:

"The latest body of work by Ottawa artist Eric Sze-Lang Chan is reminiscent of the action painting of the 1960s, as these paintings are a performance based on the relationship between computer algorithms and the movement of the paint on canvas. Chan takes real-time data from Google's weather feed to put into a computer program that translates this meteorological data into audio and visual formats. The weather conditions are colour coded and set to an ambient sound, resulting in an installation of canvases that can be taken as aesthetically exciting weather maps set to a soothing, yet ever-changing soundtrack. On a simpler level, the colour and movement are gorgeous: the forecast never looked so good." - by sabine7 / June 1, 2010


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